Notes of “Particle Dynamics” for BSc written by Mr.Muhammad Ali Malik. These notes are very helpful to prepare Classical Mechanics for BSc and are in accordance with paper pattern of Punjab University-Lahore, GCU-Lahore, GCU-Faislabad, University of Sargodha-Sargodha and all other universities of Punjab and Pakistan.

Summary & Contents:

The theories, which are proposed of the unification of all the four fundamental forces, are called theories of everything. There are some other forces for which the electromagnetic force is the origin. For example contact forces such as normal force, frictional force, viscous force, tensile force, elastic force and many others. Microscopically, all these forces originate with the force between the atoms…

  • Frictional Forces
  • Static Friction
  • Kinetic Friction
  • Laws of Static Friction
  • Laws of Kinetic Friction
  • Microscopic Basis of Friction
  • The Dynamics of Uniform Motion
  • Constant Forces
  • Non-constant Forces
  • Analytical Methods for Time Dependent Forces
  • Effects of Drag Forces on Motion
  • Projectile Motion with Air Resistance
  • Pseudo Forces
  • Examples of fictitious Forces
  • Fictitious Forces in Rotating Systems

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