BSc/BS notes on Mechanics is given below. These are very helpful in the preparation of Mechanics paper for Bsc for any university of Pakistan.

Particle Dynamics
The theories, which are proposed of the unification of all the four fundamental forces, are called theories of everything. There are some other forces for which the electromagnetic force is the origin. For example contact forces such as normal force, frictional force, viscous force, tensile force, elastic force and many others. Microscopically, all these forces originate with the force between the atoms…read more and download.

Work & Energy
Consider a constant force acts on a body and displaces it through a small distance in its own direction. Then the work done is defined as the product of magnitude of force and displacement…read more and download.

Conservation of Energy
If the work done by the force on the body depends upon the initial and final locations and is independent of path taken by the body between the two points, then such a force is a conservative force…read more and download.

System Of Particles
It is the point at which the whole mass of an object or system of particles may suppose to be concentrated. This point is easy to locate in perfectly symmetrical objects because it coincides with the center of symmetry. For example, in a sphere it is center of sphere and in case of a square, it is the center of square. For irregular shapes and system of particles, mathematical methods are necessary to find the center of mass…read more and download.

Collision is an interaction between the bodies that occurs in time t that is negligible to the time during which we are observing the system. We can also characterize a collision as an event in which the external forces that may act on the system are negligible compared to impulsive collision forces…read more and download.

Chapter12: Rotational Dynamics
Consider a certain force is applied at a certain location to a rigid body free to rotate about a particular axis, the resulting motion depends upon the location of the application of force. A given force applied a one location may produce difference rotation at some other location… read more and download.