BSc/BS notes on “Heat and Thermodynamics” is given below. These are very helpful in the preparation of Heat and Thermodynamics for Bsc for any university of Pakistan.

Heat is energy that flows between the system and its environment by the virtue of a temperature difference between them. Heat is measured in unit of joule or calorie…read more and download.

Kinetic Theory and The Ideal Gas
The branch of Physics which deals with the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy and vice versa is called thermodynamics…read more and download.

Entropy and Second Law of Thermodynamics
Heat engine is a device that converts heat energy into mechanical energy. Every heat engine takes heat from a hot body (source), converts a part of it into work and rejects the remaining part to a cold body (sink). A heat engine carries some working substance through a cyclic process during which…read more and download.

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